Drum Lifter for Material Handling Needs

12 December 2017

A drum lifter facilitates ergonomic material handling 

A TAWI drum lifter allows you to lift, turn, rotate and empty contents of a drum from the top or the side in complete control. It can be designed with various standard and customized tools for handling drums in different sizes and shapes. Different industries and environments have special requirements that need to be met, and using either a TAWI vacuum drum lifter or electric drum lifter is the solution.

Drum Lifter
Vacuum Drum Lifter with special suction foot to lift eight drums of chemical substance at a time.

Vacuum drum lifter

A TAWI vacuum drum lifter easily lifts, transports, rotates and empties drums. It is a strong, compact, versatile piece of equipment designed to make quick work of handling loads weighing up to 600 lbs. Applications such as bottles, tins, buckets and cans can be lifted from the top, while other applications, such as beer kegs, can be lifted from the sides and turned upside down. Suction feet can also be designed to lift more than one drum at a time.

A stainless steel vacuum drum lifter is also available for cleanroom environments. Lifting in high demand areas often includes a stainless steel configuration with the vacuum pump at another location.

Drum Lifter
Two water dispensers at a time are lifted with this twin top drum lifter.

Electric drum lifter

A TAWI electric drum lifter is easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location.  You can pick up drums from a vertical or horizontal position, rotate, transport, turn and release with minimum effort. It is suitable for high demand areas and can be designed with specific tool applications such as padded grippers, turning tools and tilting functions.

Drum Lifter
TAWI Protema Drum Lifter with tool applications

Drum handling can become extremely heavy and lifting with the help of an ergonomic drum lifter is the solution. TAWI manufactures equipment specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual drum handling. A TAWI drum lifter facilitates ergonomic material handling, and by customizing our solutions to your specific needs we can guarantee that they will help lift your business.

Drum Lifter
TAWI Protema drum lifter with tilting function

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Lift Assist Device Solves Challenges in the Baking Industry

07 December 2017

A TAWI lift assist device is the solution to the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

Without a lift assist device, the industrial baking industry faces many challenges. Manually lifting bags of ingredients, tilting and emptying containers, and placing ingredients into machines or manufacturing areas can be hazardous labor. An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device solves these challenges.
TAWI lift assist device in a chocolate factory.

A VacuMove lift assist device can lift, place, split and empty bags of ingredients.

The manual lifting of bags of ingredients is often a hazard due to the awkward grip. The TAWI ergonomic VacuMove is specifically designed to save knees, backs and shoulders from injuries and long-term problems caused by repetitive manual bag lifting. It is strong, compact, versatile equipment designed to make quick work of handling air tight bags of ingredients that can weigh up to 600 lbs. This lift assist device is available in stainless steel for clean room environments and secures bags of all sizes to lift, move, and hold them into place in total safety.

lift assist device

A Protema lift assist device can tilt and empty containers carrying baking ingredients.

The TAWI ergonomic Protema unit solves challenges in the baking industry as well. It is available in stainless steel and there are various tilt and empty tools that can be designed with it to meet the requirements of industrial bakeries. This lift assist device can grip containers full of ingredients from the sides, lift them, turn them and empty them into machines that are along the manufacturing line.

Lift Assist Device

An ergonomic TAWI lift assist device is easy to install and can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. The VacuMove and Protema units are both a thoroughly proven to meet the highest standards of functionality and safety. This Smart Lifting solves the challenges within the industrial baking industry.

An Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Improves Bag Lifting

22 November 2017

A TAWI vacuum lifter improves the process of bag lifting in the baggage handling area.

It's that time of year again for heavy traveling and when baggage flow rates will be high in baggage handling areas. This area plays a crucial role in keeping travelers happy and moving bags quickly and efficiently is crucial. As a result, the risk of injuries due to potentially hazardous manual lifting increases. Shoulder injuries from heavy bag lifting are the most common of injuries. But an ergonomic vacuum lifter will remove the strain of this laborious work, thus eliminating manual bag lifting and injuries.

Bag lifting is easy, safe and fast with the TAWI VacuCobra vacuum lifter.

Bag lifting is an area which has traditionally included lots of heavy lifting. With that in mind, TAWI designed the VacuCobra vacuum lifter to speed up frequent bag lifting and make quick work of handling a lot of baggage.

Bag Lifting Vacuum Lifter

The vacuum force of the VacuCobra vacuum lifter secures the suction cup, instantly attaching to and holding onto baggage weighing up to 110 lbs. This allows for total safety when bag lifting.

Bag lifting with a VacuCobra vacuum lifter is an ergonomic, one-handed operation.

The VacuCobra is a strong, compact, versatile piece of equipment that rotates to achieve the highest possible precision of bag lifting. It includes a bottom swivel and an angle adapter that insures full freedom of motion. A detachable quick-release function saves time when releasing baggage too. Also, the one-handed fingertip control on the vacuum lifter is easily adjusted to suit right and left-handed operators. Additionally, a lightweight aluminum jib crane provides a safe and smooth operation. Now that’s what we call Smart Lifting!

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